The absence of financing of the domestic economy, is making the search for the necessary capital, to solve any incident or unforeseen event, can be carried out in various ways. For example: deliver the car in order to get that money, using it as a guarantee for the return of the borrowed capital, by the companies that are in charge of making this type of loan.

Therefore, in the credits with the car as collateral with the delinquent customers, the vehicle is the guarantee for the company that the customer will pay the loan amount. Therefore, the primary requirement to apply for a loan of this type is to own a vehicle, although some companies allow you the possibility of doing so with a motorcycle, even with agricultural machinery.

Essentially, loans with the car as collateral are intended for those individuals who cannot obtain financing through personal loans, because they do not meet the requirements to incur the services offered by conventional banks. As they tend to be people who do not have a regular source of income (such as payroll or pension) and consider that they can make the payment at a certain time.

Book your car title loan online only

Companies that grant car loans online operates in a traditional way. The client obtains an amount of money and agrees to return it with certain interests, and the car works as a guarantee of payment, in fact, in the due circumstance that the fees are not paid, it could be sold to obtain money with which pay the debt.

It is very normal for companies that offer this service to demand very high interest because small amounts are provided for a short period of time. So that the calculation of the amount to be paid could be higher.

The sale

The sale

In many cases, the loans with the car as collateral, are not really loans but consist of a sale, since during the procedure the client obtains an initial capital to then face some fees, but it is not that he is obtaining a loan, but you are selling your vehicle.

In effect, the customer sells his car to the company for an agreed capital, around 40% of the real value of the car with a repurchase option after the agreed time. Even during the period of the contract, the customer can continue driving the vehicle paying monthly rent, it is not so since the purchase of the vehicle is not made, everything works as a normal and current personal credit with the vehicle as collateral for the same loan.

How is the process of guaranteeing a car

How is the process of guarantee a car

This practice of requesting liquidity for a good or product is something that has been carried out since antiquity, and in many cases, it saves those who resort to economic hardships. But loans tend to have conditions that tend to be much more demanding than traditional loans offered by banks. In this case, having ownership of the car as collateral is sufficient for banks or pawnshops to grant the money and receive it back adding some interest.

It must be taken into account that the practice of guaranteeing a car is not something accepted by all the companies that are engaged in the business of the pawn or loan. Many choose different techniques to deceive customers.

There are certain scamming companies that, instead of making a loan or commitment, function as car buyers to later offer the seller a chance to buy back the car, something that is very different from the commitment and the loan. This gives the authority to this company to use the car at convenience, using it as a rental car for the same owner. This practice is a way to deceive customers with alleged unsecured loans, an operation that is performed to guarantee the use of the car by the owner during the payment of the commitment or loan.

Now, guaranteeing a car is a subject with many peculiarities that customers must know, and also take the time to read and understand the conditions that this implies in order not to fall into deceit. When guaranteeing with the car, the company is guaranteed that whoever requests the loan will pay it even while he is still using the car. It is an operation intended for those who cannot apply for personal loans or other services from traditional banks for non-compliance with certain requirements, as a constant source of income.