If you are self-employed, it can be very difficult to fit into the banks’ traditional cash thinking, and thus also be approved for a home loan. In this blog post, you can read more about why banks are reluctant to lend to self-employed and what you can do about it.

When you are self-employed, you can have a fluctuating and unstable income, as opposed to traditional workers who receive a fixed salary every month. The fluctuating income is not something the banks are happy with, and is therefore one of the main reasons why many self-employed people find it very difficult to be allowed to take out a mortgage or home loan.

Therefore, self-employed people are rejected for home purchases

Therefore, self-employed people are rejected for home purchases

In addition to your self-employed economy being more volatile than that of an employee, banks evaluate your home equity, in addition to your personal finances, in connection with a home loan credit rating. If you have thus had a loss in the last financial year, negative equity or if your company has not presented the first annual accounts yet, it is almost guaranteed that you will be rejected for a home loan.

Last but not least, you also often find that self-employed people are refused housing and mortgage loans because their adviser fails to understand your finances because it is too complex. The complexity arises because your bank is also subject to having to assess your company’s financial situation and business model. If you feel that this is holding you back, you can possibly. Try to suggest that you switch to a business advisor who can more easily understand the things about your business.

Here’s how we help homeowners independently


This is something we at Good Credit can clearly see. A large part of the inquiries we receive come from self-employed traders. And since their fluctuating incomes and financial statements are incompatible with banks ‘or mortgage banks’ more square claims, they are often rejected and declared unfit for a home loan.

This is where a mortgage loan from Good Credit can come into the picture, because we are just trying to look a little less square on things, as we want to give everyone a fair chance to get a home loan loan or up in the face value.

Good Credit’s goal is to help our clients get the best possible home loan based on their specific situation. Depending on the client’s financial situation and the quality of the property, our network offers professional investors the relevant loan case. Therefore, there will be many more options than just a single bank meeting.

That’s why we give it another chance – and it’s something the self-employed can also sense.

If you would like to know more about the specific price of a home loan through Good Credit, you can try our loan calculator free of charge home loan or loan in free and without obligation.

Get help if your finances are not strong enough

Get help if your finances are not strong enough

If your finances are not strong enough to be credit approved for a home loan, we would like to review your finances to help you move in the right direction. Thus, you can get free and non-binding advice from our competent credit consultants.

If we believe that your financial situation looks completely hopeless and that it is not possible to offer a loan, there is still hope ahead. Hope is that we can recommend you a skilled debt counselor who can help you manage your finances from our network.

Then we will look again at whether we can get a mortgage for you.