Okcoin Adds Banking Industry Veterans to Leadership as Institutional Demand Continues to Grow

SAN FRANCISCO, December 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Okcoin, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cryptocurrency platforms, today announced the hiring of three senior business recruits in North America, Europe, and Oceania as part of the company’s institutional business expansion. Each with substantial foreign exchange (FX) experience, Okcoin’s leadership additions include Tom gould as sales manager, North America; Iskandar Vanblarcum as head of sales and general manager, Europe; and Paul goldman as general manager, Australia. Gould, Vanblarcum and Goldman will work with Okcoin sales managers in Asia and Latin America to boost the global development of Okcoin institutional accounts, which grew 450% in 2021.

“Integrating a wide range of institutions into the large-scale Okcoin platform requires a deep understanding of financial markets, and we are delighted to have hired three banking industry veterans to lead the effort.” , said Simon ren, executive vice president of institutional affairs at Okcoin. “Tom gould, Iskandar Vanblarcum, and Paul goldman each has the investment prowess and business acumen to elevate Okcoin’s institutional offering to a global level. ”

Tom gould, Head of sales, North America: Gould most recently served as the US Sales Manager for LMAX Exchange, which is part of the LMAX group. Previously, Gould served as Director of FX e-commerce sales at Bank of America and Director of eFX sales at Credit Suisse.

Iskandar Vanblarcum, sales manager and general manager, Europe: Vanblarcum joins Okcoin from London Stock Exchange Group / Refinitiv / Thomson Reuters, where he was responsible for new FX business. Prior to that, he was Managing Director of FX Sales at Barclays Capital.

Paul goldman, General manager, Australia: Goldman was previously responsible for sales of the Nasdaq-listed cryptocurrency exchange EQONEX. He was also Director of Sales at Ceevo, Director of eFX Sales and FX Margin Business Management at HSBC, and Director of FX Sales and eFX Business Management at Macquarie Group.

Gould, Vanblarcum and Goldman Join Okcoin at a Time of High Demand for Regulated Digital Asset Services; 62% of global institutional investors with no cryptocurrency exposure plan to make their first crypto investments in the next year, according to a study by Nickel Digital Asset Management. To serve existing and future customers, Okcoin offers bundled trading products including exchange liquidity, OTC trading, portfolio services, robust sub-account management, post-trade settlement and an API for Earn , the decentralized financing (DeFi) and staking function of the platform.

Okcoin has also been the premier venue providing institutions with the premier asset listing, early investment access to unique crypto assets on a regulated exchange, such as: MiamiCoin, Stacks, Avalanche, NEAR and Star Atlas.

For more information, please visit okcoin.com/institutions.

About Okcoin
Established in 2013, Okcoin is a cryptocurrency platform serving institutional and retail investors in over 190 countries, more locations than any other U.S.-based exchange. Okcoin offers advanced trading tools, trading and account management APIs, flexible settlement options, and 24/7 customer services to a range of institutions including purchasing managers, vendors. cash and payments, retail brokers, trading companies, etc. Okcoin is authorized in the United States, in Europe Union, Canada, Japan, Porto Rico, and more with offices around the world. The exchange platform offers over 50 trading pairs and continues to list new assets for trading, such as Stacks (STX), Avalanche (AVAX), and MiamiCoin (MIA), as well as fundamental assets like Bitcoin ( BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Follow @Okcoin on Twitter and visit okcoin.com/institutions to learn more.

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