President Erdoğan, a banking agency files a complaint against TV presenter Fatih Portakal

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Appealing to the Istanbul Attorney General’s Office, the Chairman and Chairman of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan, and the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) filed a criminal complaint against FOX TV presenter Fatih Portakal.

While President ErdoÄŸan complained about Portakal for allegedly “posting fake social media posts to manipulate the public,” the BDDK argued that the presenter “shared unreal and intentional social media posts on the banking and tax system ”.

Statement by ErdoÄŸan’s lawyer

Ahmet Özel, President ErdoÄŸan’s lawyer, issued a written statement regarding their criminal complaint. Indicating that “Fatih Portakal made allegations with the tweet he posted,” zel said:

“These are all an absolute lie and statements aimed at manipulating the public. For this reason, we have filed a criminal complaint against Fatih Portakal with the Istanbul Attorney General’s office, based on Turkish penal code and legislation. BDDK. “

BDDK: The notoriety of banking law

In a statement issued by the Legal Affairs Directorate of the BDDK, it was alleged that journalist Fatih Portakal “made unreal and intentional remarks about the banking and tax system” in a message he shared on his Twitter account.

The declaration referred to article 74 of banking law no. 5411. Governing the “protection of reputation”, says the article, “No natural or legal person should intentionally damage the reputation, prestige or assets of a bank or disseminate inaccurate information whether by using any means of communication defined in Press Code No. 5187 or the radio, television, video, Internet, cable television or electronic data communication devices and similar tools.

As a result, the BDDK indicated that the criminal complaint in question was filed on the grounds that “news and issues that could undermine confidence in banks could cause damage not only to one or more banks, but to the industry and the economy in general. “

What did Fatih Portakal say?

During the past week, sharing the economic measures to be taken against the coronavirus and referring to the donation campaign initiated by the government, President ErdoÄŸan referred to the “Tekalif-i Milliye”, or National Tax, ordinances issued during the War of Independence in the early 1920s.

Criticizing the precautions taken by the government on social media, Portakal finally posted the following tweet, referring to the above context:

“I wonder if they will also ask for money from those who have deposits or savings by reminding them of the Tekalif-i Milliye orders and saying “We are going through difficult days”. Unfortunately, I cannot say that this will not happen. “(TP / SD)

* Source: Anadolu Agency (AA)

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