Shirley Sparks retires after 50 years in banking

Jim Ross gives Shirley Sparks a vacation voucher in honor of her 50 years of service with the bank.

After 50 years in the industry, Shirley Sparks will be retiring from a banking career at the end of the year.

Sparks was hired as an accountant for the Bank of Louisiana in 1959, working until 1966. She then returned to work part-time until 1971. In 1971, Shirley returned to full-time as a branch manager of the Bank of Louisiana. Bank of Louisiana until 1989 when she transferred to the West Branch as Assistant Cashier / Branch Manager, a position she now holds at the Louisiana West branch of Peoples Bank & Trust. Sparks has enjoyed working with clients and colleagues, and has made many friends in and around Louisiana since he started working at the bank in 1959.

Shirley and her family after receiving the official resolution from Rep. Perkins. Bob Sparks, Brad Sparks, Steve Sparks, Shirley, Brian Sparks, Britany Sparks, Brinley Sparks and Carrie Sparks.

“We were lucky to have Shirley in the bank for so many years. It is a pleasure to work with her and a valued employee of our organization for a long time. We wish him the best for his retirement and hope nothing but happiness in the years to come, ”said Jim Ross, senior vice president of Peoples Bank & Trust.

On Tuesday, December 28, Shirley was honored by State Representative Chad Perkins, with a formal resolution honoring her years of service with the bank.

Shirley lives in Frankford with her husband Bob. They have three sons: Brad Sparks of Bowling Green, and Steven and Brian Sparks, both of Frankford. She enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren and tries to attend all of their sporting events including basketball, baseball, softball and 4 wheel racing. She enjoys spending time outdoors doing yard chores, helping on the farm and working with the livestock.

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