Texas Tech Gives A-to-Z Crash Course for the Banking Industry


(TNS) – More than 100 bankers and nearly three dozen banking experts from across the state and region come together in Lubbock to hone their craft at the 47th Annual School of Banking at the Texas Tech School of Banking.

The event, which kicked off Sunday and will run through Friday, is hosted at Tech’s Rawls College of Business.

Bankers from five different states, including Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, arrived in Lubbock to participate in the week-long event.

At the launch event Sunday, Dr Jeff Mercer, Centennial Bank president in finance and director of the Texas Tech School of Banking, said the school’s intention is to take someone who has a particular area of ​​expertise in banking and to train them to what they need to know from “A to Z” about managing a bank.

The school’s program lasts for two years, taking participants into one week each year.

Upon entering school, the average participant has about nine years of experience in the banking industry, Mercer said.

“These are people who have a nine-year career and are sent to school by their executive or president because they are very promising bankers who are likely likely to take on a leadership position,” Mercer said.

Topics covered during the week-long event range from cybersecurity and auditing to credit lending, leadership development and operations, Mercer said.

The launch event on Sunday was sponsored by Frost Bank.

The banking school focuses on regional bankers and helps them gain perspective on all aspects of banking, said Scott Baxter, senior vice president of Frost Bank and chairman of the advisory board of the Texas Tech School of Banking.

“It’s a great resource for people from all over the state to come and learn about banking and practice it through computer simulations,” Baxter said.

A group of Inter Bank bankers who were at the event for the first year shared their experience saying they were exposed to new networking opportunities and a higher level of knowledge during the event.

Whitney Hange, special project manager at Inter Bank, added that the event aligned with their company’s culture.

Zach Maberry from First National Bank of Albany was at the event for his sophomore year and said it was great to see people and remember the first year. He was excited to see what this year’s school program would offer.

“It gives you the management training you need to be good at your job, to be able to move forward,” Maberry said, “and try to be in a better position to maybe run a bank someday. . “

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