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Paid message There is no doubt that the banking industry is poised to reap huge benefits from AI and deep learning, with McKinsey & Co believing that banking and financial institutions alone could collectively achieve additional value $1 trillion a year.

But what are the transformative technologies that will help companies reap the benefits first?

You can start getting the answers by joining this webinar – AI Accelerated Value Creation for Financial Services – on February 24 at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm GMT, courtesy of SambaNova Systems, who developed new technology to harness the power of AI and learn how to transform every part of the bank.

Your host will be Nicole Hemsoth, associate editor of Situation Publishing and co-founder of The Next Platform.

She will be joined by Marshall Choy, SVP of Products at SambaNova Systems, and Dan Faggella, Founder and Head of Research, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research.

Together, they’ll break down that $1 trillion figure, which spans across functions, from marketing and sales to customer experience, risk management, HR and finance, and l ‘computer science.

They will show what is at stake for institutions that successfully leverage AI and deep learning to transform their business and outpace the competition.

They will also discuss how SambaNova is already doing this with leading banks, helping them leverage its cutting-edge AI and deep learning technology. You’ll also hear from a SambaNova client who outpaced their broader competition by taking AI from strategy to product in less than 100 days. And they’ll explain how SambaNova’s latest technology announcement will speed things up even further, reducing the time it takes to deliver the potential value of AI from months and years to just weeks.

Wherever you are in your AI adoption — and whatever your industry — you’ll discover how you need to focus your AI transformation to achieve the greatest impact and ROI. So if you’re ready to take the plunge and put AI and deep learning to work in your organization, head here now to register and start preparing to accelerate your AI transformation.

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