Zopa’s advertising campaign “shakes up the banking industry”

Zopa launched its first campaign since its digital banking last summer and focuses on our approach to put customers first to create simple, fair banking products that make a difference.

The creation of the campaign was developed based on testing and learning on social media channels – examining consumer response and pre-campaign advocacy.

Zopa aims to show UK customers how it has challenged banking industry standards and diverted money to bring more customer-centric banking products to the market.

This position builds on Zopa’s long history of customer advocacy. In 2005, Zopa started as the world’s first peer-to-peer finance company focused on providing fair and easy loans and investments. Now a neobank, Zopa has expanded its product offering to include auto loans, credit cards and savings, in each case listening to customer feedback to identify weak spots and deliver fairer, better-value products. The campaign focuses on Zopa’s drive to remove unnecessary fees, provide certainty and transparency to customers on APR and approvals quickly, all underpinned by the ease of experience. The brand has already helped over 800,000 customers and enjoys strong loyalty and advocacy, proudly earning an Excellent Trustpilot rating on over 15,000 reviews. However, Zopa hopes this campaign will increase awareness and consideration of its now broader product set.

One year after obtaining his banking license, Zopa’s campaign is his first major marketing activity and is launching at a time when consumer attitudes, behaviors and contexts are changing dramatically as a result of the pandemic. In order to make sure the campaign looks relevant and engaging to customers, Zopa has taken a test and learn approach.

Having collaborated with Chaz Hutton (InstaChaaz) since 2019 on his social media, Zopa has learned that the money cartoons created from the collaboration are the perfect way to not only demystify financial terminology as originally intended, but also to communicate the spirit of the brand. The illustrations more than doubled the advocacy among consumers on Zopa’s social channels compared to other content streams and provided a proven way to communicate Zopa’s campaign messages. The campaign was planned by and in partnership with Medialab Group and will run on TV, Print and Digital media, allowing for a layered approach to the brand’s message.

Clare Gambardella, Chief Customer Officer at Zopa said: “At Zopa we have always believed that banking can be done differently. Too often in industry, consumers are not put at the heart of decision making. Zopa tries to truly understand customer needs and challenge accepted wisdom to provide transparent and fair products that work best for people. We’ve removed unnecessary fees, given customers more transparency about pricing and acceptance, made claims faster and easier, and provided award-winning customer service. This is why we think we have every right to say that we have “turned the money inside out since 2005”.

“With minimal marketing spend, we have already experienced exceptional growth for our newest products, and continue to see volumes of our established loan products increase. We hope that this campaign will make Zopa products known to more people who can benefit from them.

“As a brand team, we know that it has never been more important to be agile and responsive to the market and to the customers. This approach of testing and learning campaign developments allowed us to connect with clients prior to launch and develop what we believe to be a distinctive approach to brand communication.

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